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Homemade no churn ice-cream

Ice-creams are the most craved dessert. This recipe can be made with a few ingredients and the ease of your home. Can be flavored with the choice of your favourite flavor.

Ready in: 1 day + 20 mins

Makes: 500gm


Since it's a no churn ice cream you need to be very careful with whipping the ice cream once it's set to avoid crystallization.

The freezer needs to be given rest and not to be opened often once your ice cream is in.

If you don’t have an airtight container a regular glass or food grade container can be used.

Churning does not mean whipping, forming air in the product will result in ice formation.

Once the batter is ready do not use a whisk to mix it, spatula or a spoon will help you work wonders!!!!!

I'm avoiding sugar because soya base creams and condensed milk has enough sugar of its own.


  • 300gms soya base whipping cream

  • 200 gms condensed milk

  • 2 pods vanilla

  • 1 tbsp vanilla essence


  1. Chill the cream and bowl before you start using them. Make sure both of them are nice and cold.

  2. Whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks. (turn the bowl upside down but make sure it doesn't fall on u, it needs to be that stiff!!)

  3. Add condensed milk and mix it all well with the help of a beater.

  4. This is the only time you would use the whisk or the beater.

  5. Add vanilla and mix well. (save the pod skin and your sugar to flavour it.)

  6. Pour the mix in an airtight container, tap the container to get all the air bubbles out.

  7. Cover with lid and freeze it for 6 hours.

  8. It's time for the 1st mix. With the help of a spatula mix everything again making sure you break all the ice crystals and then set it.

  9. Spread a sheet of cling wrap touching the top most layer of the mix and set for 10 hours.

  10. Repeat the process 2 times.

  11. Once u feel its set and looks as pretty as a silk sheet, it's ready to get in your tummy

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