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About Us

Remembering the first time I actually entered the kitchen, I was 7. The passion my grandmother and mother had towards food was an emotion. The reason for me to enter the kitchen was the freshly baked cookies that came out of the oven every alternate day. I was the head chef of my house ever since I entered the kitchen. 

Getting trained by the consummates of the hotel industry was the real deal.

Post my course completion of B.A. in Culinary Arts from Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh, I was trained under the biggest names from the culinary industry of India. Under them I was trained for various cuisines.

The way the industry is growing, I feel everyday is a new day and a new learning, as quoted very wisely, “One can never be full of the knowledge he or she has”. Tricks, tips and so much more is a part of our everyday growing journey.

Having to be working with chefs around the world has also been on my list. Chef Darren Maclean finalist of “The Final Table” on Netflix, owner of Shokunin and Eight in Canada, introduced me to the world of Japanese and Asian cuisine. On the other hand Chef Esdres Ochoa taught me the different traditions of Mexican food.


Also have had a chance to be working in an industry where glamour and health are the top priorities, I've been cooking for celebrities around India. From the biggest name in Bollywood, Tollywood and the Mollywood industry, it's been a pleasure to be feeding them all. The journey and learning never ends. 

“Food isn’t always about how well you present it, it’s more about the love and passion you’ve executed it with.” – that’s what is ripening me. 

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