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3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

The quickest chocolatey dessert. Minimum ingredients that give you the best texture and is as light as a feather. Lets give it a try.

Ready in 1 hr

Serves 10 people


Make sure the cream is not over whipped and extremely stiff.

Sugar can be added if sweetness has to be increased.

Milk base whipping cream can also be used, but I use soya base because it gives a better hold to the product.


  • 2 cup Whipping cream

  • 1 ½ cup amul cream

  • 200 gm dark chocolate + garnish


  1. On a double boiler melt chocolate, add cream and make a ganache.

  2. Whip cream until semi soft peaks.

  3. Fold together the cream in the ganache and set in serving portions or in one container for 45 mins minimum.

  4. Garnish with shaved chocolate and

  5. Serve cold.

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